Who We Are

St. Joan of Arc Council 6693

Est. 1975

Officers and Chairs

Chaplain: Fr Kevin Key 

Grand Knight:  Keith Burkhart 

Financial Secretary:  James Mulvey

Treasurer:  Gary Zemba

Recorder: Donald Sickler

Warden:  James Scott

Trustees:  Ed Gliot, Michael Waverks, Thomas Spratt 

Faith Director: Bruce Wappman

Family Director:  Stephen Cordaro

Life Director: Neil Ott

Community Director:  Louis Roth

Inside Guard: 

Outside Guard : 

Past Grand Knights

​1975-76 George M. Schmeltzer

1976-77 John Waverka

1977-79 Thomas J. Loser

1979-80 Barry L. Boyer

1980-81 Albert Luciani

1981-83 Frank P. Milici

1983-85 Barry L J Boyer

1985-86 Thomas J. McCaffery

​1986-87 Thomas J. Loser

1987-88 Edward L. Wuchterl

1988-90 John W. Laudermilch

1990-92 Donald W. Good

1992-94 Michael A. Waverka

1994-96 David W. Smith Jr

1996-98 William J. Whalen

1998-99 Patrick A. Kreuser

​1999-01 Stephen J. Cordaro

2001-03 Francis X. McCarthy

2003-05 John R. Detweiler

2005-06 Thomas Scott

2007-09 John R. Thomas

2009-11 Daniel M. Wagler

2011-13 Jeffrey J. Philipp

2013-15 Mark D. Rothermel

​2015-17 Gary J. Zemba

2017-19 Michael J. Milunic

2019- 21 Jim Mulvey

2022-2023 Thomas Spratt

About Us

Council 6693 was formed in 1975 at St. Joan of Arc in Hershey.  It has continued to this day to be a vibrant group connecting men of the parish.  

Our Principles are Charity, Unity, and Fraternity.

To ensure our support of Faith, Family, Community, and Life we conduct meetings twice a month and participate in numerous activities throughout the year.

The Order was founded as a mutual aid society and still offers Life Insurance as a fraternal benefit.

Contact us to join or do so online at: